Eating Poop and Rocks

Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Health Questions' started by mightiesarah, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. mightiesarah

    mightiesarah New Member

    Hi all,

    So, I just joined because we just rescued a 6 month male Berner named "Jax." Anyway, he's been really fantastic for being just a baby, and has only gotten his mouth around a bar of soap, a sock, and a flip-flop... but he dropped them once he was corrected, and has since not picked up anything else. Great.

    Well, until he started to eat poop. And I mean, REALLY gobbles up the poop, like a recently dumped teen girl eats chocolate. He doesn't do it at home because we pick up poop right away, but he does it at the daycare place because sometimes there's just a lot of poop laying around the "potty" area. He's eating Canidae Lamb and Rice, which he had been eating with his previous owners and has been eating for at least a month or two now... and I understand that Canidae is a good food, so I don't think he's eating poop because of a vitamin/mineral deficiency. I think he just eats it because he likes it. He can grow out of this, right? If not, is there anything I can do other than modifying the behavior through training?

    He also got a few pebbles in his mouth today and I think he swallowed a couple. They were pea-sized and I think they will probably pass. Right? I understand what to look out for if he does have an intestinal blockage, but just curious if anyone else had a berner who eats rocks. Haha :confused: Oi.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!!
  2. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    I feel your pain! Riley was really bad about it when he was a puppy. We did our best to pick it up immediately. He did "sort of" grow out of it.... I say sort of , because he has an immune disorder and occasionally has to take prednisone. I don't know if you have any experience with a dog on Pred but they think they are starving... So, whenever he on the pred, he will race you to a pile! It is horrible! :(

    I used to have a chow that did it as a puppy and my vet at the time told me to put Adolph meat tenderizer on his food. I just sprinkled a little on the top. Supposedly it tastes good when they are eating it the first time, but doesn't taste good the second time..I don't know if it really works or not, but my Chow did stop even bothering with his poop after about a week of that. I tried it with Riley too though, and he could have cared less.

    About the pebbles....I wouldn't be too worried as long as they were small. Riley ATE everything in the house and in the yard when he was a puppy ( i mean everything ) and it always showed back up within a day or two.
  3. mightiesarah

    mightiesarah New Member

    Thanks for the advice. I heard about meat tenderizer as well, but he doesn't eat his own poop... only the poop of other dogs. So, that wouldn't work unless I convinced all the other pup parents at day care to put it in their dog's food! But, I'll try it if he starts eating his own.

    Yea, I feel the same way about the pebbles, they just eat everything and it usually works its way out. Thanks for reassuring me! Our lab mix once ate an entire live lobster that he found on the beach (luckily, it was a baby and only about 8 inches long)... shell and all. This was 2 years ago, and he's still with us. Haha :p

    Thanks again, I appreciate your time!
  4. linds_H

    linds_H New Member

    Hi and congrats on your new family member :)

    Our Heidi is 9months and she is a "poop-dog" as well (still :()
    She never touched shoes or things in the house as a pup, except for cat toys, but she always ate poo or rocks outside (especially going for the kitty litter).
    We were so frustrated at 1st and still are a bit now.

    With Heidi on a leash, we'll let her smell poop and tell her NO and LEAVE IT. It's slowly working, but not perfectly (as she still goes for other dog's mess sometimes on a walk or in the park when off leash). The message is getting though slowly however, as she recently just smelled, looked up at us and came running instead hopefully with patience and consistency she will become less obsessed.

    Goodluck with your pup and I am still crossing my fingers its a maturity thing.
  5. aey1604

    aey1604 New Member

    Hi and congratulations on getting your new Berner Jax - he's gorgeous!

    We have 2 Berners and the younger one Ollie also eats dog poop. Like Jax he just eats other dogs poop, not his own so we've found it difficult to stop the habit as he always does it when he's off the lead. He's now 15 months and he only really started eating poop a couple of months ago so we're hoping it's just a phase!

    He also used to eat stones though unfortunately he went for big stones and ended up having to have emergency surgery when he was 6 months old as he got a stone lodged in his small intestine. He's grown out of this habit now, I think it's just puppy behaviour so I wouldn't worry too much, especially if its just small stones Jax is eating!
  6. mightiesarah

    mightiesarah New Member

    Oh boy...

    Ok, so today, Jax and Coda were left at home for the first time more than an hour... they were left for about 4 hours. I came home to poop on the floor, pretty sure it belonged to Jax. But, that's ok, he's still learning. But when I walked into the room, once I saw it, he started to eat it, even though I knew it was there for 10 minutes before hand. So, I took him outside and then cleaned it up. After about 1/2 hour, he pooped AGAIN on the floor, this time diarrhea and he immediately started to lick it up. Gross. So, I will try to put the meat tenderizer in his food to discourage him from eating his own poop. I wonder if he was embarrassed that he pooped and wanted to clean it up? What do I do? I'm an experienced dog owner, but have never seen this behavior. Hmm... :confused:
  7. Mycoopah

    Mycoopah New Member

    I have heard that pineapple and or canned pumkin added to the dogs food makes the poo taste gross ( I myself can't see poo tasting good but I guess for some dogs they like it, lol)and it stops them from eating it. If you try the pumpkin, make sure it's just canned pumpkin NOT pumpkin pie filling. I've also heard some people use hot sauce as well. Good luck!
  8. bexr

    bexr New Member

    eats everything!

    hey, our last berner yoshi used to eat poop after we got our second dog, but he gradually grew out of it and would only sometimes eat it.he also ate sponges, toys etc etc but luckily he always passed them eventuall!. (sadly he died of systemic hystiocytosis when he was only 2 last year.)
    our new berner wendy is coming up to 6 months and eats poop like there is no tomorrow! we keep on top of it at home and out on walkies, but she comes to work with me and my other 2 dogs and are in a kennel.if one of them poops i dont even get the chance to get the shovel before she eats it! she knows its wrong but she just must love it!! the other 2 sometimes eat it too (never other dogs,only their own). wendy also eats sticks,pebbles, parts of material toys, anything she can hoover up really (have to watch her every second when out and about!)
    for the poop eating, we have tried pinapple, spinach and loads of other stuff but none seems to work. hoping she gradually grows out of it like yoshi pops did!
  9. easchaars

    easchaars New Member

    We were just talking about this today when we were hiking with our one year old Berner. We hike with him every day, off leash, and every time he finds poop to eat. It is so disgusting! It's never dog poop, but it's other animal poop. He will even run off into the woods to find it. He knows 'leave it' very well, but when in an uncontrolled situation, he doesn't listen to that at all. Besides keeping him on leash all the time, we don't know what to do. And it definitely doesn't matter if he has recently eaten or not. He's not eating it because he's hungry. Any suggestions would be great!
  10. MindyReese

    MindyReese New Member

    My 7 month old Chessie is also going after the poop and it makes me gag daily. I will try the meat tenderizer or pumpkin, but I need this to stop. Totally grossing me out.

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