Day 7 Not Eating

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dotty Bea, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. Dotty Bea

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    Hello everyone. We have a 7 year old female Bernese Mountain Dog (approx 70 lbs). She's on Day 7 of hardly eating anything. I took her to the vet on Day 3 and they ran a blood test and she popped positive for a tick thing (annaplasmosis I think). So they gave her Doxy (an antibiotic) to see if that helps. I'm pretty sure she already had this tick thing many years ago and it just stays in your blood always though so I don't feel like that's it. She did also have a fever. Vet said to come back in 5 days if she's not improving. Fast forward to today and it's Day 7 of her not eating... she drools quickly on walks now.... and she'll eat a few scrambled eggs for breakfast maybe sometimes but that's it for the day.
    Any ideas?! Worried about her! Will obviously take her to vet Monday but it seems so long away from now...
  2. Dotty Bea

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    In case anyone reads this and has the same problem some day, we just got back from the vet. They did an xray and turns out her spleen is very enlarged. Cancer. They think hemangiosarcoma. It's just devastating. Gave her prednisone and some anti-nausea drugs. There are options to do surgery or chemo and run all sorts of tests but that costs a lot and doesn't prolong life much. Vet said once on prednisone she probably has 30-60 days. Just heart broken.
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    Awe I’m so sorry :(
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    We had a 3 year old that just had the EXACT same happen and he died last night. Can I ask where you purchased your Berenese?

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