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  1. Liza

    Liza New Member

    I was wondering which brush most of you all use on your berners.

    I am not hip to brush lingo but i use a rbbermaid brush with an oval head and wire pins that have a bend in them.
    It hurts like heck if i run it down my own arm but my girls don't seem to mind it. It sure removes a LOT of hair
  2. gypsyberner

    gypsyberner New Member


    i recently purchased the "furminator" brush; long hair, giant dog model. ive never seen so much hair!! well worth the exta money. best brush ever used. hair was very good looking after use, and he seemed way cooler. highly recommend!!!
  3. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    We have the furminator too! It is awesome:) I swear by it and tell people all the time they need to get one if they have a dog with lots of fur. Nothing beats it.
  4. sa1821

    sa1821 New Member

    furminator and a rake work well for us!
  5. Sylvia13

    Sylvia13 New Member

    Deciding on the best products to groom your dog is a issue of experience as you find a product that performs well for you and that doesn't annoy your canine's skin. Some household pets have more delicate layers and skins than others, so be sure to concentrate on how your dog acts after a bath.
  6. G's Mom

    G's Mom New Member

    I use a slicker brush on his legs, head, and ears; a straight-pin brush on the rest of his body, and a rake occasionally. The type of pin brush is very important- do not get one with the ball-tipped pins! They don't really get through the coat, and are therefore difficult to use. I buy my pin brushes online, but the description must specify that the brush has straight or smooth pins. Once you try one of these you'll see how well they work. Good luck!
  7. libernerlove

    libernerlove New Member

    I (my Berner) love our double brush. Pin brush on one side of the head, flip it over and there is a bristle brush on the other side.
  8. lovedigby

    lovedigby New Member

    We have a "Furminator" too! :)
  9. hudkj

    hudkj New Member

    What kind of brush do you use on a berner puppy? I would think their skin is more sensitive and their coat is quite different when they are a puppy. I would like a suggestion on a specific brush someone uses or used for their puppy under a year old. Thanks!
  10. libernerlove

    libernerlove New Member

    I recommend a combo bristle/pin brush. It is 1 handle with a different head on each side. Only about $9. My 5 month old loves it. Get a giant/long hair Furnanator for after the shedding begins.
  11. hudkj

    hudkj New Member

    Thank you for your quick reply! I will get a combo brush for now. I had bought the shedzilla for later. I will see if it works well and if not I will try the furmanator!
  12. SJTT

    SJTT Member

    I have both a furminator and a rake. But, getting our Bonney to stand still and not "fight" me is an issue. All is well if I brush her belly but anywhere else - especially her tail - and I'm wrestling with an 80 lb. 13 month old puppy. I really don't know how to get her to chill out for a brushing.

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