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    My husband and I are adopting a BMD this coming Sunday. The dog is 7 months old and seems full of energy (he is a puppy after all right?). We will be taking him to obedience classes twice a week but has anyone got any advice for us in the initial stages? He is from a family home but they are moving back to the States and decided to take their car instead (yes really). He is neutered, up to date with his shots. I do not think he has had any training as when I met him he was nipping, jumping and excitable. How long should we be walking him for at 7 months? Thanks in advance! All help deeply appreciated :)
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    Good on you for adopting a Berner in need, whilst it both surprises me people would choose a car over their dog, when I think about it, it does not surprise me. Some people just don't value their pets as much as the rest of us.

    Berners don't really need formal exercise in the first year, this is to allow their fast growing bodies time to develop without strain. The last thing you want is to over work your pup, playtime at the dog park or in the backyard is great. Walks that are 5 minutes for every month are also fine, but not jogging etc. So at 7 months, 35 minute walks is okay.

    I would get onto obedience right away. Since you are a new person in his life you have the luck to choose to not accept previous habits of bad behaviour developed from the last family. It's better to start right away so that you don't fall into similar bad habits.

    Start with something simple like teaching sit so that if he goes to jump, flips out with stacks of energy, nips etc you can get him to stop and distract him from doing naughty things by asking him to sit. Once calm from sitting you can then guide him into something more acceptable.

    It will probably help in this training period if you get a treat or two in your pocket so that he is rewarded right away when he does as you ask rather than having to wait until you get a treat because then he may not remember what it is for.

    Good luck :)
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    Hi Sal,

    Congrats for adopting probably the best breed out there (though, all dogs are wonderful)! Positive reinforcement training (we did clicker training with our Truman) works wonderful. Berner's are extremely food motivated, so don't be surprised if your new furbaby will receit Shakespeare to you for a treat :)

    And I don't understand why the original owners couldn't take their dog along with the car, but it's for the best as it does seem like they do not cherish the human-animal bond and that it is probably fate that the Berner ended up with you. Best of luck!!


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