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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dillardkelly, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. dillardkelly

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    My Shelby is 10 months old and is one big girl that just loves me almost too much. I think she is unaware of how big she actually is. She is beginning to overpower me, for example... I love to pet her and give her love but she gets as close to me and will try to get in my lap... Its like she has to totally consume me... Wierd i know. I command her to 'down' but she comes right back til i have to walk away. Also if i am walking she will purposely get in front of me til i stop or trip over her. Another is... She walks up behind me and through my backlegs as if i should ride her back. Starting to do my little children the same way which scares them as it happens unexpectedly. Shes our baby and i have never had such a loyal dog. But we need to help her learn that its not appropriate... Anyone help me with ideas!!!!!
  2. lynn1959

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of Bernese all
    these things seem to be a breed trait.
    My previous Bernese did all these things and so does my now Bernese Dillon. :)
  3. barrie

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    My Nana did the same thing. I guess they think they are lap puppies.
  4. BartBarrera

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    My Nana did the same thing.
  5. Kroln17

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    Macy does the same. She loves to be sitting on our feet, leaning on us or sitting in our lap. Pretty much the biggest lap dog you'll ever meet, melts my heart everytime :)

    When she is getting a little too close we will correct her with positive reinforcement and when she is showing the good behaviour on her own we treat and praise. Eventually they catch on.
  6. Whimzy

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    Berners are Herders

    :) hello!!
    Did you always hold your cute puppy in your lap?
    It may be your dog us doing what you already trained her to do only you shrunk as far as she is concerned.
    Being natural herders they will naturally try to move you to where they want you. You really have to set boundaries while they are young.
    Being very large dogs whats cute and fun when they are babies can become bothersome or dangerous when they are large. How much exercise is she getting a day?
    Do you have an area for her to run, play, and learn?
    Berners are comfortable being couch potatoes but they also need fresh air and sunshine.
    They were bred for work. Get her in a routine.... Berners are hood at anticipating. The first thing I would make sure she is going for controlled on lead walks.
    Then get her to burn off some pent up energy.
    Next, if you need it put a small quick release leash on her, you may need to use it for a while or a short time depending on the dog. It is only used during training time. It only helps to get a quick grip instead of fumbling for her collar. Once you finish her inside training for the day remove it.
    Train her daily with simple commands.
    Sit, lay down, stay. If you need more info I will be happy to share. Make her training fun the more you praise her the more attention she will give you the quicker she will learn. Do not get her over excited though. Start with the above information and in a short time you will start seeing results.
    Her inside exercises can be done a few times a day about 20 minutes to start. Do not use food as praise.
    After she is finished her inside training then give her a treat followed by a good brushing. This makes for more one on one personal and comfortable contact she will be more attentive to you and at that point she should be ready for a good nap.
  7. smile meadow

    smile meadow New Member

    I have 4 Berners sharing my space, they each have their own personalities. Rosie likes to lead me on the walks by taking a hand very gently, I let her do this but when she tries to bump my path I just bump her back so she will know I am the leader who chooses the path, not her.

    All my dogs are spoiled and ask for a chance to half lay on me for a special pet. I did hold them when they were babies and so I taught them this behavior. They do know that they may not do this when I am eating or using my laptop, or if my knees are up. They also know what "off" means and respond instantly to the command which merits a "thank-you" from me our equivalent of "good dog". I have noticed lately that as I ask them to get down when I feel squashed some of the dogs try to rest more primarily on the chair and take care not to squash me, such intelligent dogs. And, they all respect that every dog will get its own turn.

    If the dogs are restlessly asking to come up I need to evaluate if it is time for a walk. We free walk 5 miles every day in two - three sessions.

    Today Emmy is in need of attention, Sammy was out for me 6 hours this morning, and when I got home Emmy jumped into the car and wanted to go out on a ride herself, then after I got her out she growled at Sammy and crowded me so I will need to give her an extra good grooming later.

    Nice to chat about these wonderful dogs, smile
  8. BernerMax

    BernerMax New Member


    our Maxie boy was inside this week d/t his neuter and I made the mistake of allowing him ONCE up onto our couch-- and he lOVES it-- loves to snuggle with me and cuddle up on the sofa -- its cool smooth leather so must feel good to him, extra cushy and supportive and all....

    From his perspective-- he has the same impulses and feeling as a alittle toy poodle-- in a 98lb doggie body!
    I usu just give him a cuddle then say "Go lay down" and point to his doggie bed (got a new orthopedic foam one today from Costco)-- and he goes-- after several days of reinforcing the nosofa, he now just puts his head on my lap, they are soooo cuddly..

    so what I am saying is, just work with you little (at heart) Shelby and she will work back with you, just take it one day at a time....

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