Best harness for a Berner that likes to pull

Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Training Forum' started by Gypsy2015, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. Gypsy2015

    Gypsy2015 New Member

    Our almost 10 month old girl is definitely improving as far as pulling and lunging at others while walking, but I feel like a good harness would not be a bad idea. She's already about 85lbs and growing. I feel that a bit more control that what I get with a collar and treats is needed.

    She walks well, sits and stays well if I catch her in time, but if she spots the other dog or person before I do, I have no chance no matter what I do. It's like she's so absorbed by the new person/dog that I don't exist anymore!

    In her defense she has started to occasionally sit and stay by herself when spotting someone coming towards us, so there is hope!

    I have been reading about the K9 Julius harness and wondered if anyone has tried it and has any opinion on it?

  2. Oswald

    Oswald New Member

    Easy Walk

    We use Easy Walk for our berner. We started when he was a puppy, and we've had some issues with finding the proper fit, but we do like the martingale in the front.
    He pulls a bit, but it doesn't take much to get him back on track. I like that if he pulls, the front loop forces him to turn back towards me... He has to look at me!
  3. Gypsy2015

    Gypsy2015 New Member

    Thanks! I will look into that. We have tried the Sensation harness, but without much success!
  4. Alpha1

    Alpha1 Member

    Easy Walk is the best, I have used it for years without any problems.
  5. Gypsy2015

    Gypsy2015 New Member

    Thank you! It's like night and day...she can still sniff and explore, and run ahead of me at full leash length, but she can't pull me across people's front lawns, or run downhill.

    I don't mind her walking ahead of me as she still likes to pick up and eat things (amazing how much garbage is on the ground) and I can keep an eye on her without straining my neck to watch behind me.

    But if she starts to try and lengthen my arm, she can't. I love this harness.:)
  6. summersnowbr

    summersnowbr Active Member

    Obedience Class for our Berner Sierra

    We have our 16 week old Berner Sierra in an obedience class and the trainer there had us get the Easy Walk Harness, we had to do the medium which she will grow out of soon. Then will put her in the large. Anyway it was like night and day from the harness we had her in. I would recommend the Easy Walk Harness, her training has improved dramatically with it. I love it. She also liked to drag us to any people or animals. She loves everything. The trainer is working with us on this and she has improved by 75 percent. We make her sit before anyone is allowed to pet her. When people ask if they can pet her I show them the command for sit and they do it if she sits they are allowed to pet. She is learning fast about that because no set no pet and she loves to be petted.
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