Bernese not Burmese

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mike&Brutus, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Tomanddasha

    Tomanddasha New Member

    I usually hear "bermese", St bernard, collie, australian shepherd or some sort of mix.
  2. Tanya

    Tanya New Member

    I am a new owner and have only had Lola for a week and already been asked a dozen time what breed she is... I just say she is a dog :) lol I am surprised at how many people do not know the breed. I got Lola from a family who didn't realize how big and furry she would get and they exchanged her for a ****zu!!!!! She is probably from a BYB since I called the breeder to get her papers and got the run around. I do not like to encourage this but in the end she is alive, unwanted and needed a loving home.
    Maybe its a good thing people do not know the breed hopefully it will keep the BYB population down.
  3. SharonL

    SharonL New Member

    My own daughter still says Bermese! She's 15 years old. I have to correct her everytime. I think it's because we used to have a bumese python when she was little. LOL

    I also love that just because Bella is a big puppy that she must be a BOY! I tell them her name is Bella and that she is 15 weeks old. "oh, such a good boy" lol

    It gets old, but I let it all go.. I'd rather focus on my beautiful Baby Bella. :)
  4. jpirrung

    jpirrung New Member


    Some people think our huge BERNESE is an australian shepard! We are like OMG No, she is a bernese. And yes we get the Bermese all the time. So bizarre!
  5. Qubelight

    Qubelight New Member

    We met a Aussie Shepherd yesterday who was the same size as my almost 8 month old Berner. I have to admit whilst I could see a difference in the face, I can completely understand why people who don't own either breed would get confused they looked so alike!

    Of cause a fully grown berner is a different story I suppose, but size can be forgotten in peoples memory.

    I sometimes get myself confused though, sometimes I call my cat a Bernese and my dog a Burmese :p Usually when I say they come from Bern in Switzerland they correct themselves though :)
  6. terryd

    terryd New Member

    i get that all the time is he a saint bernard i have to walk away let my wife explain
  7. YasmineCave

    YasmineCave New Member

    Oh yes it irritates me I say Burmese is a cat.
  8. BartBarrera

    BartBarrera Banned

    YES! And the bizarre thing is that everyone I've encountered so far pronounces it that way.
  9. Josh+Aly

    Josh+Aly New Member

    On a mild but related offshoot - "Look at his paws, he's going to be huge!".

    We got a lot of Burmese, St. Bernard, Beethoven dog, Australian shepherd, etc. for a long time, but it seems to be tapering off as he grows and now people mostly ask what breed he is. We also have 3 other Berners that live within 2 blocks of us though, so their owners have probably deflected some of the ignorance.
  10. smile meadow

    smile meadow New Member

    Yes I'm with you as a Swiss I feel an obligation to explain the differences. I also go on to explain that the dog has been bred to look as much as possible like a european bear, the mascot of the Swiss Canton Bern, but the white was added so the neighbors would not confuse the dogs with actual bears who would be shot as dangerous predators.

    I also agree when they are called "collies" and just say this is the "Swiss collie", it does all the farm jobs just like "Lassie" from the TV show. And in fact all my berners are just as smart as that dog from fiction.
  11. willisbullar

    willisbullar New Member

    I used to think "how in the world could a dog like that come from Burma?" back when I didn't know any better. Over time, and when a friend got a berner, I wanted to kick myself. So, when encountered with that question, I just tell them they are from Bern, a city in switzerland. And, I pointed out that I thought they couldn't possibly be from Burma, but I always heard "burmese" too. That way doesn't seem like I am trying to put them down and give them some snobby geography lesson. Still bugs me though hearing it. How could people not know about these amazing dogs?

    Getting the st bernard question, I always say they are like cousins. I don't have a clue if that is accurate, but seems accurate enough to me.

  12. Oakley's Mum

    Oakley's Mum New Member

    So glad there are like minded people out there!!!!! I used to get frustrated when someone called my boy a Burmese. Now, if someone asks if he is a Burmese, I just smile and say yes.........the people who matter know:)
  13. ABChloe

    ABChloe New Member

    Bernese not Bermese

    I suppose that people get more of an education than they anticipated if they ask if my dogs are Bermese. I explain that they originated in the Swiss Canton of Bern (the equivalent of one of our states). If they assume they are Saint Bernards I explain that while they resemble the Saint Bernard they are a different breed that shares some of the same roots. I doesn't upset me because I'm very aware that there are gaps in my knowledge, as well. I could tell you nothing about the origins of a Leonberger or Shih Tzu (and am not sure that I can differentiate between a Shih Tzu and a Papillon). I adore my Berners and think they are easily the most beautiful dogs created, but I kind of like the fact that they aren't the mainstream dogs that everyone wants. The Border Collie breed was not enhanced by it's sudden popularity after the movie Babe. Let's just let people think they're Bermese and keep the breed as sweet and wonderful as it is now.
  14. Chels0608

    Chels0608 New Member

    I'M WITH YOU!!!!!!! SO frustrating!!!!!!
  15. max low

    max low New Member

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  16. FHesser

    FHesser New Member

    What's in a name?

    Most people don't know what our dog is....and think she's some type of cross between a St. Bernard and a border collie. The few that have incorrectly called her Burmese, I just explain that Burma is a VERY hot country and these are long haired mountain dogs from Switzerland.
    And boy does our BERNESE Mountain Dog like the mountains. We live near Glacier National Park and she sits on the front porch and gazes at the mountains all her first winter, she's really liking the snow and cold. Likes to be out in it much more than I do and has much more energy for hiking than when it was warmer. Of course, she's older now (10 months) and can do distance hiking much better now.
  17. Bogey

    Bogey New Member

    I know this is an old thread, but it was definitely worth commenting on! :)

    I get Burmese a lot. I usually tell people "Their breed is Bernese and they are from Bern, Switzerland. Not Burma. They would get awfully hot there with all this fur". They usually laugh and take in stride. I hate to admit this, but my sister was an offender of that one!! But, to her defense, she is not a dog person, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt. :)

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