Bernese not Burmese

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mike&Brutus, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Mike&Brutus

    Mike&Brutus New Member

    Does anyone else get frustrated every time someone calls your berner a Burmese!

    At first it was ok, but noone understands.

    Just a rant is all.

  2. KodaB

    KodaB New Member

    YES! And the bizarre thing is that everyone I've encountered so far pronounces it that way. :confused:
  3. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    LOL It used to drive me crazy! But I dont even bother anymore. I got tired of repeating myself and spelling it over and over and over!
  4. Lynn

    Lynn New Member

    Oh yes it irritates me I say Burmese is a cat.

    Ollie's breeder will not sell pups to anyone who rings up to ask about Burmese she says if you cannot pronounce or bother to find out the correct name then they are not the sort of people I want my dogs to go too.
  5. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    LOL Good for her! Really she has a point!

    Just as funny are the people that have never seen a Bernese and will say something like' " Oh what a beautiful dog, is that a collie?" and even once time..." what kind of mix is he?" lol We just need more Berners out there :)
  6. Lynn

    Lynn New Member

    Oh yes remember that a while back when Ollie was a pup some young boys said what a huge collie dog he was :rolleyes:

    Just before Ollie was born his Mum went missing we all thought stolen but luckily she wasn't anyway I was frantically running round pet shops etc., to put posters up and one in particular which I am less than impressed with said oh yes if we get any collie pups in we will let you know :confused: I was you sell dogs supposedly pedigrees and you think this is a collie ? Berners are only ever sold through breeders here in the uk as far as I am aware it would be most unusual to see them for sale in pet shops.
  7. ash1ey

    ash1ey New Member

    It used to drive me crazy but I try to correct people in a polite way when possible. I have has some other crazy comments at the dog park, particularly when people try to guess what kind of dog she is. My favorite was a gentleman who told his son confidently that Mirabelle was a Black Lab Saint Bernard Mix. Also my newest pup Ollivander has started puppy k and several people there insist on calling him a Saint Bernard as well.
  8. Gail949

    Gail949 New Member

    Berner Education

    Yes, along with everyone else, people either pronounce it as Bermese or they ask if my Berners are St. Bernards.

    While it is fustrating, I do try and educate people everytime I take my Boys out shopping or walking in nearby towns.

    My response to the Bermese comment is "Well, they are Bernese Mtn Dogs. A Bermese is a type of Cat and BERNse Mtn Dogs come from Bern, Switzerland". As far as the St. Bernard comment, because I use to own a Saint, so I usually say, "No that was my last breed of dog. These are BMD's but both are a Swiss breed of dog.

    I'm rather happy to keep the masses from getting Berners. There are already too many Puppy Mills selling BMD's and too many backyard breeders who breed without understanding all the risks associated with non-educated breedings. So, I always just encourage people to do their homework and find out about any breed of dog they're thinking of buying.

    Gail, Finn and Dugan

  9. herrythakur

    herrythakur Banned


    many thanks fro sharing this useful information liked such type of mind ideas and views.
  10. MrBrian12

    MrBrian12 New Member

    YES!! And twice during trick or treat people came up to winston and said aww its Beethoven!!

    I was thinking ummmm NOPE!! :confused:
  11. gloria66

    gloria66 New Member

    I just wince a little when I hear Burmese. However, I don't say a word and if I can, I slip Bernese Mountain Dog into the conversation.
  12. herrythakur

    herrythakur Banned

    Your are thinking well and always treat people in a right way for getting a good work response.In this way we can get a better reputation from peoples.
  13. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    I had someone ask if Riley was a collie???? Really?? Does he look like Lassie?lol:)
  14. frisssel

    frisssel Member

    wow, I'm glad to know i'm not the only frustrated owner.

    I get all the time, oh is he a husky cross? what? because he has a blue eye? someone told me that it had to be a husky cross because only husky's have blue eye's, even after I explained why storm has a blue eye.

    He gets husky a lot, st bernard, collie burmese all the time. I just say, nope he is a mountain dog.
  15. BernerRescue

    BernerRescue New Member

    Burmese is a common error for sure and when I get it I always cheerfully say "no....this breed is from BERN Switzerland.....the BERN mountains....not from Burma".

    I find Burmese to be a more understandable error - what drives me nuts is hearing people call them "Bernies" - this is just wrong and the Club and AKC works hard to correct it. I find this one tougher to correct as these folks are often quite confident in knowing what they are...and calling them Bernies.:(
  16. lynn2

    lynn2 New Member

    I always thi k of BURMESE as PYTHONS. LOL:)
  17. adiposestem

    adiposestem Banned

    Sometimes I don't care about that...ahhahahaha
  18. JBeaner

    JBeaner New Member

    YES! It drives me absolutely crazy! At first I felt bad correcting people, but now it's just annoying ;)
  19. CharlieBern

    CharlieBern New Member

    I had a vet tech ask if he was a "Bermese".....that was the first visit to that clinic and probably the last :cool:
  20. mandarin

    mandarin New Member

    I have to repress a homicidal urge when I hear people say Belgium chocolate instead of Belgian too... but Burmese I have not heard.
    Actually next time someone asks what breed he is, I was going to say Chihuahua...depending on how gormless the questioner seems or how much coffee I've had that day :D

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