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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by imagine, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. imagine

    imagine New Member

    We just got our new Berner puppy home and are very excited on her arrival, which happened 4 days ago. I know it is early in the process, but our girl seems to be very aggressive and biting everyone. As we try to tell her no biting, she seems to become more aggressive.

    Is this normal? What is the best way to handle this situation.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. lynn1959

    lynn1959 New Member

    All very normal. We have for our previous Berner and the one we have now taught them to get a toy and always redirect them to that when biting and nipping.
    Some people suggest using a yelp noise I have found with both mine it just excites them more.
    The other thing is to walk away till they get the message.
    They are teething and of course this hurts. So plenty of nice tea towels wetted wrung out and placed in the freezer then when frozen give them to the dog supervised of course. Also a nice big raw bone the colder the better also supervised. Or a raw carrot.

    Our nearly two year old still has his moments with his teeth and I have read they can still be having teething troubles till 2. Once the second teeth are in they then have to settle into the jaw which with some dogs can take longer than others.
    We are still when Dillon has his bad days having to remove ourselves from the bitey situation and remind him its not acceptable.
    He tends to do it more when tired or excitable.
    I spoke to his breeder about it recently and she had a very mouthy boy till he turned two then she said he turned out to be one of the best dogs she owned and very gentle he just needed to grow up and let his teeth settle into the jaw.

    I find you have to keep up with the training till they get it Bernese need consistency. They are a mouthy breed it seems.
  3. Ferris bern

    Ferris bern New Member

    My Berner is a year old and we had the same problem. It was recommended to me to get a coffee can and toss in a few small rocks. Anytime ferris would bite us we would shake the can. He did not like the sound. In a few weeks time we would just reach for the can and he would stop. He still likes to mouth but is a lot more gentle . He just grew out of it over time. We had various mammoth bones and hard rubber toys that we used to redirect him. Large rope pull toys seemed to be his favorite.
  4. Trezure

    Trezure New Member

    You could also try to apply regular household vinegar to your hands most dogs do not like the taste.
  5. Oakley's Mum

    Oakley's Mum New Member

    Hi, our boy is just 12 weeks old and he is just adorable apart from his biting. He will bite anything and everything and drawing blood is not unusual. He has started getting in an aggressive mood a couple of times a day. He starts by barking at you then biting quite hard. We put him out of the room to calm down. Some days its REALLY HARD to cope with. On the plus side, he is so friendly with strangers and it is impossible to walk down the street without people stopping to chat and stroke him. We just grit out teeth excuse the pun and persevere.
  6. rasp96

    rasp96 New Member

    Our pup, Dempsey, is now about 5 months old. It is our second Berner. Though the first one liked to chew a lot, he was easier to redirect. We have a selection of chew toys lose his interest after a short time. We are his favourite chew toy. The one thing that has helped the most is to spray a diluted perfume on the body part (usually hands) or clothing. He also gets a time out in his double sized pen if he doesn't give up on what feels like an attack. He has been getting better than he was. My partner has more trouble than I do and I am wondering if it is testosterone related.
    He is very good with other adults and children as well as other dogs. He is out to discover everything so has to be supervised any time he is out of his pen. He is crated beside the bed at night and has been very good.
    There have been no poop accidents in the house since we have had him and no peeing in a long time.
    It has been very reassuring to read the posts on this site to know that we are not alone with the biting issue. Once we get past the teething, it feels like he will be a great dog.

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