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Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Health Questions' started by Blinkin, Jan 3, 2009.

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    Over the Thanksgiving holiday my 5 month old Berner puppy, Kaleva, developed Cherry Eye. Cherry Eye is a prolapse of the third eyelid or where the tear duct moves out of the eye and become visible in the corner of the eye closest to the nose. When the duct moves out of the eye it can easily be damaged. If the duct becomes damaged the eye could have reduced to no tear production. We definitely wanted to avoid that.

    Kaleva had the surgery to correct it (suture the tear duct back to the bone and reconstruct the third eyelid). Her eye has been very very slow to heal. The bottom lid now looks much droopier than it did before. The vet says to give it a little more time but he may have to go back in and try to correct the problem.

    Have any of your Berners had a cherry eye? What did you do to treat it and about how long did it take to heal? Did your pet insurance cover the cost of the surgery (ours didn't)?

  2. yogi2008

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    I never had that happen. but why didn't the ins. cover it. mine would of who is your company? because that stinks. you pay all that money.
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    Did you get your pup from a breeder? Usually if the dog is certified then the breeder should cover the cost of anything that goes wrong during a certain time frame. Even pet stores (although I avoid them altogether) have some kind of guarantee.
  4. stitch413

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    yeah darby developed cherry eye in both his eyes. at 1st it was his left and after a lot of consultation with the vet he operated... only problem is he removed the gland instead of stitching it down like he was supposed to! that was about 6montha ago and the insurance covered the full cost of the op. now he has cherry eye in his right eye and a turned cartiladge too! he will be going in to have this fixed at the end of the month and also to have the damage the 1st vet caused repaired (he will be meeting my lawyer soon)!!

    He took about 2 weeks to fully open his eye after the 1st op and we found the lampshade collar to be exremely awkward for him! he kept running into doors :D until he learned how to smash it that is;)

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