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    I am a bit hesitant to post this as I know people in general do not respond well to negative information about positive organizations such as the Berner Garde. People in their immature nature attack the messenger or will attack the victim.

    I will start by saying the Berner Garde is an incredible database operation. All you have to do is enter your dog then the busy workers find all data on any dogs related to yours, they have access to all information even how many litters you have registered through AKC etc. It's actually a little spooky as if it were a CIA file based on every aspect of your personal life and this is where the trouble begins.

    Often times in every dept is a bad seed, there is always a bad cop, a bad CIA or FBI agent, a bad soldier etc etc. I was one that was attacked by a bad database operator for Berner Garde. I did email the Lori Jodar the President yet all she could say is that employees work record was impeccable.

    It all began 6 yrs ago as I entered into the arena of raising Bernese Mountain Dogs. They were my dog of choice, I wanted to show my first pup but the breeders I approached at the AKC dog show were very cold & not welcoming at all so I pretty much steered clear of those people altogether so I did the best I could to go it alone and made many mistakes. The one thing I would never do is breed a dog with less than good hips so I had to retire them soon after the purchase.

    I also discovered that 90% of all Berner breeders I encountered would lie about hip certifications of parents. I knew there were certain percentages of dishonest people in the world but never imagined it was the larger of the population so now I know to verify these documents from the very start but even people that show are reluctant or refuse to show certification so that really says a lot about even people within the show arena who do breed. This is terrible & I try to tell everybody to see those documents.

    I made sure my dogs had these documents then posted a website. I offered a really good warranty that favored the buyer over my interests. All was going well, people were satisfied for years to come but then someone named Patti Smith from Maine began a harassment campaign against me & I could not understand why. I found out where she lived using her email source code.

    Then Patti gets her friend Sherri Venditti involved from Cromwell Connecticut who tried to actually take me down using methods I don't even tell people about anymore for reasons I will explain below. It did not stop there, another cohort was Susan Ablon in Balch Spring Texas. She was then given my website & I will tell you methods she used.

    When I sold a puppy I placed the first & last name of that person under the puppy they bought, I never imagined anyone could be so lowly but she took those first & last names, ran them through a database she has access to then actually found contact information for the people who placed deposits on my puppies. She did everything in her power to generate lies about me then offered to sell her puppies to my customers. Incredible. I never knew the competition was this fierce & corrupt.
    And this is one reason I don't talk about the techniques used by Sherri is because I discovered other breeders began using those techniques to wipe out the competition.

    But this even gets dirtier. At the time I never heard of the Berner Garde yet as soon as I was told of it's existence I jumped on it. I am all for bettering the breed but really is difficult when these elitist groups want to corner the arena on these dogs. So I registered my 3 Berners with Berner Garde and guess who processed my information... Susan Ablon.

    Then as the Berner Garde busy bees began to add all the additional information it was clear how Susan and her group of friends work & how they obtain the information they get to harass people. I did not need to actually be registered with Berner Garde for her to access all of my info as I posted my dogs AKC documents online which has the AKC registration number, that's all Susan needed in order to get the information for her & her group to harass people all over the United States, What a racket and this is what I had complained about to the President of Berner Garde.

    At first I could not understand why people would be so evil to just randomly attack a fellow Berner lover but the more I researched the clearer it became. 15 yrs ago the Bernese Mountain dog was extremely difficult to find. A puppy would bring $5000. If you could sell a litter of 10 that's $50,000 for a litter. That would certainly pay to show the dogs all over the world plus fit in a vacation. I highly suspect many of the upper class took advantage of that and made some pretty tight bonds with Judges as well.

    For every new breeder that breeds the Berner interferes with the supply and demand, as long as Susan & her group can wipe out the competition they can keep the price high.
    This works with anything, such as Silver, Diamonds, Oil.
    I am either just a nice guy and can't imagine getting involved in such immoral actions, or I am naive, or perhaps do not make a good businessman because I can't allow myself to lie, steal, manipulate or murder people for profits. It seems in the corporate world all of the above make a good businessman.

    I have spoken with people all over the world. I thought the attitudes I discovered at the local shows were isolated to AKC or perhaps my location but I have learned that it is the same in New Zealand as it is in Belgium as it is in America. Fascinating, so apparently I just have to be thick skinned, just ignore everyone else then show my dogs & not worry about the busy body snobs.

    There must be something genetically wrong with these people. A great deal of attention is placed on breeding dogs with the best of temperaments but it seems clear that more attention should be placed on human breeding because these people seem to have been bred with the worst of temperaments.

    I have heard so many stories from all over the world about show breeders, even in the cat world and seems many have these terrible traits that they really should try to breed out of the human race if at all possible.
    That's too funny because then we can have human shows where we all get to run around a track to check conformation, do a few acrobatic stunts, inspect for bite and observe temperament then only humans with the most ribbons should mate and all the rest get spayed and neutered.
    Then maybe the human race of the future won't hate others because of their ethnicity or financial status but just be well adjusted and fun loving people. I think perhaps the AKC could branch off into AHC, American Human Club.

    But actually it should be a global club because the varied standards at present create great conflict of which standard of breeds is the correct one as I have seen where even amongst the Berner groups they are divided and actually hate each other and try to take down the others even if they win title so there would have to be one single global human standard for there to be total unity.

    The other controls would have to be set in motion to prevent crooked judges. I heard of this from a breeder in Belgium as well as my vet 45yrs in his business confirmed what I was told.
    It seems the Judging carries the same corruption and favoritism as America's political system.
    This breeder was a bit upset that I was only searching for dogs with a lengthy Champion title background. I knew there were two that I knew of that have extensive champion pedigrees in her same region. This breeder explained that Champion titles are extremely difficult to get and the only way these other breeders get back to back titles on all of they're dogs is because they are very close to the judge. I ran this by my vet and he shook his head yes and said that is true.

    Hmm, so it seems that I not only have to be thick skinned but sleeping with the Judge seems to get my dog more points in the ring, I suppose that part isn't so bad as long as she is good looking but what a lot of work with such a haphazard operation led by poorly bred genetically flawed people. It really is no wonder I have never entered that arena and wonder if I have the mental stamina to play all of the mind games.

    Another local show breeder says the Judges often times Judge the one holding the leash instead of the dog which is why she hired a professional dog handler to show her dog then won top ribbons which then she too reported harassment from other show breeders.

    Well, that has been my encounter in relation to the show & breeder world of the Bernese Mountain Dog. I suppose those that like to ignore the ugly side of life will attack me for revealing this stuff in which seems to be another genetic flaw of humans as they only want to hear the pleasant stuff and ignore the reality of life.
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    I'm sorry you are having such a hard time with breeding. I wish my breeder had taken the time that you had.

    I got a guarentee for storm on his hips, but if you know berner's (I didn't know at the time) that elbow's are more likely then hips.

    I got that special dog in many ways. He ended up with elbow dysplasia. I would never ever trade storm for another puppy, he is my special boy and i will do what ever i can for him.

    I contacted the breeder to find out if any more puppy's had problems and to let her know. I love the personality of storm and It is a plus for her breeding. I let her know and thanked her for storm. she emailed me to ask how storm was doing about 4 weeks after he had surgery. no other info, no questions, nothing, just wanted to know how he was. I guess that was better then nothing.

    I didnt regester with this group because i didn't want people going after her. I wanted to give her a chance to help the breed.

    I'm glad i read your story, i know i won't be regresting storm.

    thank you
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    Bernese Hips & Elbows

    In all of my experience and OFA research of dogs elbow displasia is rare compared to hip displasia, so much so that many breeders never bother with elbow x-rays although there are other situations to consider.

    People trust they're vets 100% to be honest and not do anything to harm they're pets but I did discovered that this is not totally true, weather through lack of sufficient training, sticking to ancient protocols & not updating themselves with the latest scientific findings right down to actual corruption.

    Unnecessary operations happen in human hospitals even though there are checks & balances then sometimes surgeons get arrested for pulling such scams and the pet industry has even less safeguards.

    I discovered this by pure accident and because I have learned to be suspicious due to a world filled with scams & rip offs in addition to doing lots and lots of research on various topics I uncovered a pet surgeons scam taking place in my area.

    My first berner was my last male stud. He had reached about 5-7 months when he began to limp on his front legs, the timing was perfect for this to have occurred because I wanted to do an early OFA preliminary. One of my vets in the business for 40 yrs could not see anything wrong on the xray. The xrays were sent in to OFA. When they returned there was a little checkbox as if a common thing labeled as "Panosteitis" I hadn't a clue what that is so I looked it up. It is a temporary lameness that always occurs in dogs around a specific age then mysteriously goes away.
    and supposedly between all of the brilliant scientists in the world nobody has a clue why this occurs. Not possible so I did my own research.

    When you study in depth how the drug company functions, how the corporations function, how the entire medical industry tied in with government officials function then the picture becomes very clear because if one also studies the incredible advancements achieved in the labs that do not even make it to mainstream medicine is literally something so amazing it comes right out of science fiction novels.

    The study of these things takes years and when people first hear of these things it is simply too overwhelming to even begin to comprehend so denial kicks in then they throw a few words in like delusional etc but when it comes to presenting the evidence they suddenly don't want to know but I am telling you what I learned, none of this is created by me but simply lots of bits of information all tied together.

    I had been deeply involved in studying vaccines, their contents and their effects on humans and animals and the functioning of the immune system. I discovered mind blowing things that are nothing more than a drug company scam placed upon the entire world, a protection of the vaccine protocols at all costs, covering up the serious side effects and death. I will get into that later.

    I had noticed that this limping or Panosteitis only occurs right around the puppy vaccine series. I recently imported a male from Belgium who has a long history of Champion bred high quality dogs and he too following his series but more importantly his first (legally required) rabies vaccine began his limping within 24 hrs of the vaccine.

    If you look up vaccine symptoms you will find they can cause joint pain.

    On the entirety of the world wide web I could only find a single study where fluid was extracted from a dog with Panosteitis. It was discovered that the vaccine had accumulated in the joint.
    I found EDTA does help

    It does not take a rocket scientist to determine that Pano is the cause of the vaccine which obviously at some point works it's way out of the joint on it's own. So here is what I noticed, vets & surgeons like to cash in on this. When I got back to my vet of 40yrs experience I told him OFA said it was Panosteitis he said oh yeah that's what I thought it was yet I found it suspicious he never said that initially.

    Then some of my pups that went out, even though I told each buyer they might encounter this Pano and how to deal with it tuned me out, now they were dealing with it. One woman went to her vet for xrays then could not see anything wrong (sound familiar?), her vet referred her to his surgeon who sad they needed to go in, break the bones in both legs then do reconstructive surgery. On a puppy that was not even done growing yet.

    So then she takes the puppy to another surgeon who says "Oh No, I wouldn't do that, yet I don't see what's wrong with his elbows or joints"
    Then she calls me and I said "yeah, I talked to you about this, it's likely Panosteitis, the vets don't see anything wrong because nothing is wrong because it is the vacine in the joint & the one that did indicate something is wrong is lying to you". I said "send the Xrays into OFA", she said "oh well he sent then into his guy", I said "no, no, I am in business I know how these things work, he gets a kick back for the referral in the same way I get a kick back from another businessman if I refer my work over to him.
    You must send them into OFA for only an added $35 and they won't be biased & hopefully not paid off but I trust them, They are the experts that know how to look for Pano".

    I also told her to give Glucosamine & Chodroitin, he is still under warranty so give it more time, let him reach adult age. She did not send the xrays in to OFA but waited it out. He was fine after that. That was about 4 yrs ago, he is still fine but at that time I suddenly had a rash of these calls and I flat out told people theyre vets were scamming them, I told them the same thing, to give the Glucosamine and Chondroitin, they all waited it out then the dogs were fine. At the time I did not take the time to document vets or surgeons or report them to Tom Martino who uncovers scams but it all came to a grinding halt, I can only suspect that the people involved were furious once I let them know of the scam and they took action.

    Those are the facts. Anytime this occurs in the front legs pay close attention to the dog for changes or health problems following vaccines. If he limps then ask the vet to get OFA quality xrays. Don't even listen to the vet because I found out the hard way they don't know Jack Sh** about reading them, you must send them to OFA to determine the health of the joints. PennHip is far more advanced than OFA in determining hip joint problems & costs a bit more.

    Now the vaccines.
    Viruses are deadly, can cause death or have crippling effects. The original science of giving vaccines is legitimate but there is a problem in that vaccines are not run & controlled by the scientists themselves anymore but huge corporations who's only goal is profit. The Corporation is designed as if it is a person therefore if all is done within the legal framework the CEO himself may not be sued or imprisoned even if his Corporation is responsible for killing 38,000 people like in the Vioxx scandal, the Corporation only gets heavily fined. In China they shoot the CEO in the head after sentencing but not in the US, the CEOs literally get away with murder.

    When you give your animal a vaccine you are giving him a disease. They are not safe. I heard one vet in the same sentence say vaccines are safe yet they do come with risks. Impossible, just pop out a dictionary, look up the word Safe, it means without risk, then look up Risk, it means not safe, they are contradictory to each other.

    Vaccines are carcinogenic, they contain Mercury, Aluminum, Formaldehyde, Detergents, Antifreeze agents, antibiotics and now I forget all the other deadly chemicals they contain but just study the effects of mercury alone. In brain tissue it causes nerve brain tissue & cells to unravel.
    Children in foreign countries where American factories dump the mercury into the water the kids get brain damage, what we call autism.
    Vets & Med doctors say what they inject directly into your blood stream is not in high enough amounts to cause detectable problems yet I insist that it does, even if so subtle nobody notices yet since people don't pay attention to that they simply dismiss they're child's off behavior as just his genetic make up when in fact his brain has sustained damage from the mercury.

    Here is the vaccine scam.
    I am really surprised nobody ever picked up on this before. Most people learned about the immune system very early in school, Very basic here but
    you get exposure to a virus or vaccine.
    Antibodies sense the invasion then work very hard to battle the disease, time is of the essence and if it finds the exact method of a successful attack for that specific battle then sends a mathematical code to the T-cells.
    These T-cells are the disease memory bank. The T-cells remember this information for as long as you or the animal is still alive, from only one exposure. Once the T-cells have taken in the memory code the antibodies have done their job, they are not needed anymore so they go away.

    The T-cell memory does not need a booster for memory. Boosters are completely unnecessary. One vaccine is good for the life of the person or animal. The scam of the industry is that they insist that if these antibodies are not in the blood anymore then you have no immunity, this is a lie.
    If you ask anyone in the industry why aren't you looking at the T-cell memory instead. The claim is they do not know how to do this. If you fully understood what is being done on a genetic and cellular level where every aspect of the cell is fully understood to the point of the creation of nanobot red blood cells that can eventually be designed to produce 6Xs the oxygen then it becomes obvious that this is a lie, it's simply not profitable to learn one vaccine is good for life.

    I asked a vet why is mercury added to vaccines he said to keep the vaccine in the system longer so I researched that. In the vial the virus becomes attached to the mercury. Mercury embeds itself inside muscle, organ tissue and red blood cells. The immune system cannot rid the body of the injected virus because of this.

    This means that the immune system is in constant battle mode for years, never resting. This is only one factor in reducing an animals life span. Some people and some animals have the type of immune system that kick into high gear, they over ride self preservation with an intense motive to kill those invading viruses at all cost therefore the immune system will kill the red blood cell to get to that virus and does actually kill the red blood cell. The immune system still cannot kill the virus while it is attached to the mercury so that released mercury/Virus penetrates another healthy cell then the immune system kills that cell and we are talking about this occurring all at once with billions of cells.

    I actually had a Standard Poodle who developed this 3 months after vaccines. The dog had Auto immune hemolytic anemia as tests indicated. He had been lethargic, not eating or drinking for 3 days & gums were pure white.
    The vet wanted to do a blood transfusion & bone marrow transplant, a very profitable procedure for the surgeon and a good kick back for him, I refused and told my vet I know exactly what I needed to do. It was very clear that with frequent blood transfusions they were trying to let the mercury cycle out of the system but I already knew how to do that.

    He was furious and said "then don't be surprised if that dog is dead in 3 days" I snapped back and said "I won't !"
    I already had EDTA & other herbs for the removal of heavy metals that I took for myself but he was anemic so I went to vitamin cottage & got Iron hemoglobin supplement.

    He would not eat or drink and only stood still staring at the ground. I forced down his throat antibiotics that I had on hand that I use for Giardia outbreaks, I gave him EDTA, the herbs & vitamins then I tilted his head up to make him drink Gatorade and water to rehydrate & tried to get him to eat food so he wouldn't throw all that stuff up, sometimes he did so I had to do it again.

    In 3 days he rebounded, gums were red, he varasiously ate food and drank water then in 3 weeks took him back to the same vet for repeat tests. The tets were clear, the vet said he did not have this Auto Immune disease anymore so I look at him with a look on my face and said "Ok?"
    and he said "Oh yeah they can turn around with nutrition". Yeah right, that was not the atmosphere before when he was upset giving my dog a death sentence in 3 days.

    I talked to other people who's dogs had the exact same thing. The usual treatments were in the many thousands of dollars, the dogs suffer for a few years and end up dying regardless. This one woman was actually angry at me and thought I was pulling some kind of scam. I offered her to come by and look through all the paper work, talk to the vet, she never did but I told her that her dog died because you trusted the vet which is identical to trusting the medical doctors who are controlled by the drug companies.
    The medical doctors are the true quacks because they never get to the true underlying cause of disease and make a fortune treating the symptoms, it's equivalent to coming in with a knife in your back and they give you pain killers to stop the pain then send you home with the knife still in your back.
    Obviously in reality they would remove the knife but the manner in which they treat disease is identical to that description.

    So all of the frequent vaccinations and drugs actually cause disease then gives the vet or Doctor a never ending revolving door of profits, what a racket which will soon be government funded for humans in the US.
    To acheive the best of health is to monitor your Alkaline levels with saliva PH test strips. The human body is supposed to be at 7.4 Diet plays a direct role in this. For humans eating too much meat will not digest but rot in the colon & not exit.
    This putrid waste creates acid in the blood, the toxins constrict blood vessels causing hypertension then comes the chain reaction, hypertension stresses the arterial walls which cause arterial damage which caused the plaque build up that causes a stroke or heart attack. Drugs create acid. When the body is acid white blood cells stop eating up blood cholesterol, fungi and bacteria grow. It is this internal fungi growth that makes up a cancerous tumor and exactly like in a fish tank that's gone acid it will kill the fish in the tank and will slowly kill the human. It's proven that when the body is returned to a high alkaline environment at 8.0 then cancerous tumors shrink and go away, disease goes away, hypertension goes away, arterial inflammation go away. this can take many months but the healing is in the deep green leafy veggies and one must flush out the putrid waste in the colon.

    The entire medical community does not want the masses making that connection because they make incredible profits from cancer treatment when it turns out the culprit is that people won't eat their leafy green vegetables and that leafy greens in concentrate are actually the cure for cancer. There is no money in that.
    I also took photos of scurvy symptoms set them side by side with cancer symptoms. I was surprised that they were virtually identical. Most people know what scurvy is and what causes it. Not eating vegetables & fruits, vit C or antioxidants which are the cure and tons of information show that antioxidants or alkaline which comes from green does cure or prevent cancer and reverse many other diseases, recovery is slow but it does work.
    I believe Scurvy and cancer are one in the same.

    I have learned that I need to educate myself on all of this because the corruption is far deeper than anyone knows coming from the ones you trust the most.
    Vaccine protocols were changed several years back from yearly to tri-yearly. I learn about this stuff years before the public is even aware. What I discovered is that many vets were still pushing the yearly vaccines and would not change until the masses were aware of it so the vet I saw at the time gave the vaccines and said see you next year, I looked at him funny and said, "I thought the new protocol was every 3 years", he said, "Uh, Er umm, yea actually it is."

    It really has amazed me the kinds of things a person needs to be aware of in order to make sound decisions concerning their health and the health of their pets.
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    When storm was diagnosed I actually studied the xrays myself. I made sure that i was well informed and knew what was wrong. I made sure that I was doing the right treatment for him.

    I also studied it and Bernese do have more problems with elbows then hips. they are the 3rd highest with elbow dysplasia. The surgeon also answered a lot of questions for us. I drilled him for a long time so i knew what i was doing.

    Storm grew very fast and i was told to slow his growth rate down, which i tried very hard to do. He limped for months, not weeks, months. I don't remember when it started but we thought it was because people kept stepping on him when he was little. I then decided that this wasn't right. I took him in to get neutered and asked for xrays. it wasn't the doctors that wanted the xrays, they thought it was "growing pains".

    I know i did the right thing for him. I am not following their rules for after surgery, and i know i'm doing the right thing for this as well. I do know storm. I also know that a lot of people would not spend this amount of time with their pet because of their busy lives. my boyfriend and i are with storm at least one of us, he is "with" us, not outside alone. I sat outside for hours on very cold nights wrapped up in blankets so he could sleep outside. I have a harness on him so that we can grab it quickly to hold him up when necessary. he is not caged like they want. he is moving, he is with us.

    I have an excellent vet and i trust her, but i do do my research so i know. I have to know and understand.
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    I would love to see that research but so far am unable to come up with the appropriate keyword search to find the article.

    In my experience on separate occasions bought 3 dogs that were already adults who's vets said xrays looked good. In all cases I did OFA xrays of elbows and hips and in each case they came back as elbows normal and hips mildly displastic so I had to find them homes because I refuse to breed a dog with less than a good rating & I lost a lot of money in those purchases and the testing.

    Then when I was searching the OFA database for specific lines where both were done, in 99% of the cases hips were bad yet elbows normal. This finding was confirmed also by a breeder 15 yrs breeding the Berner who quit wasting money on elbows because it was always hips that had the problems.

    I am sure there are legitimate cases but it makes me wonder that if word has spread nationwide that vets can cash in on tricking people who's dogs that have pano into having unnecessary surgery would then be added to studies that elbows are now major concern over hips yet those studies would actually be misleading since most of the surgeries were done on a fraudulent basis.
    I am not saying your dog did not have a serious joint condition from either random genetic issues or from being stepped upon but I do need to look into this issue and possibly start x-raying front joints again but in all cases none of the original problems my puppy customers had resulted in surgeries so I really need to think this through.

    If your breeder should decide to xray her dog's front joints and they come out as normal and if your dogs joints were the result of a random genetic defective gene and not an injury then this is to be expected, there is nothing any breeder can do beyond this other than offer a good warranty because as long as the breeder adults come out good or better on hips & other joints then they are suitable for breeding.

    The goal of any breeder would be to find dogs that are in the excellent category and those are near an impossible find and the ones that do have them that are within the show arena become stingy, they won't share those good genes and becomes some kind of elitists privilege to be able to breed with or have offspring amongst those specific dogs which is a total shame as this does not help the breed but pretty much keeps the best of the best near extinction... and I am sure very pricey as well.

    If you have articles on elbows please share the information. Thanks.

    Also, look in your contract for anything covering genetic issues. That generalization could cover front joints and that is always stressful for the breeder because it might be difficult to know if a dog is dealing with a genetic issue or if it were an injury.
    Then I always tell puppy shoppers to see warranty's and all certifications before ever looking at a puppy. Even as a breeder looking for dogs I got cheated and lied to repeatedly before I wised up and realized the general public doesn't stand a chance against these people.

    One thing to do is study contracts carefully. In many cases the contract may state that if you have any genetic problems to just bring the dog back to exchange for another
    What !!!
    Yeah, like your exchanging a defective bicycle.
    The percentages are near zero that people will take a puppy they fell in love with in that first year then dump him at the breeders place for another. I found out the breeders who practice this turn this dog over to people who "rescue" dogs who charge a rescue fee and the new owner is told he was rescued from a puppy mill so out of sympathy the new owner will then be strapped with the bills to fix or put down the animal.
    Like I said before nothing is as it seems.

    Read the contract, study it, if you don't like it ask to make changes, if they say no then walk away. That's why I say to do this before looking at the puppies because you can't help but fall in love with the puppy then everything else after that is a blur. I only know this through experience.

    The business of breeding is tough, there are a lot of expenses that go out, dogs that go sterile or other problems, puppies that die either naturally or from Mom carelessly laying on them or even puppies that don't sell so offering to give people's money back is risky. I do offer that in cases of umbilical hernias for the cost to fix it but if there would be any serious situation then I offer a replacement at anytime and you can keep the other dog and decide to do surgery or put the dog down. I wouldn't dream of taking your loved pet away from you or try to pull a scam of exchange like these other breeders. I have too much heart to do that to other people.
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    there are several sites more sites, and studies
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    elbow dysplasia

    I am definitely going to start x-raying elbows again after reading those articles. I apparently have just been lucky this has never been an issue with my dogs or pups that did not simply go away on it's own which seemed obvious it was Pano but since the incidents in the articles that seem to be clearly diagnosed & detectable problems then I don't want to take any chances.

    I will still bypass the vet & go straight to PennHip. These people are experts on this, even the ones that take the X-rays prior to sending them in.
    Thanks for the links
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    Berner Garde Abuse

    I do not know any of the people you note in your post, but if they not being responsible breeders, then might I suggest you contact their local BMD Club and report abuse as their local club and perhaps eventhe BMD National Club will take some action like removing them from their Breeder Referral programs. I have heard this happed within my BMD Club.

    Good luck.

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    Corruption in Berner Garde & BMDCA

    It turns out Susan Ablon has a very good grip within the establishment. She actually wrote the information on elbows in the BMDCA article presented to me. This reminds me exactly of what takes place in Government corruption where people do a lot of good work, they become loved for their work, they meet people in powerful places then they are almost untouchable as they gain the respect of all of the people within these powerful circles.

    It becomes easier to do things underhandedly then seek protection from the very ones that should be doing the prosecuting, it's worked for centuries. It's a common human flaw as you likely will not prosecute family, good friends or those that contribute a lot to society. Instead the one seeking justice is then attacked by all within that circle.

    I am not talking about just some nobody here.
    I stand a lot to lose if that entire group turns on me.
    It's like if anyone were to come up against Bill or Hillary Clinton, they have quit the history if one chooses to look it up such as on youtube
    "The video Hillary does not want you to see" or "The Clinton Chronicles"
    but the masses do not care to know because they only want to be influenced by what people are like on the outside, How they look on stage, if they have a nice smile or by the good deeds they do which then makes it harder to believe they could do bad things like Martha Stewart insider trading. It's not Ok for any Joe off the street but hey we love Martha so it is Ok & hoped she would get a light sentence in which she did because nobody likes to see really nice people do hard time. That is a psychology the Clinton's have down really good.

    Yea, sounds shocking but see the videos. Some may think those are lies because the mind just can't fathom this but I think it was Jeffery Domer who was good looking, had charisma with the ladies yet someone you never would have imagined to be a serial killer. Often times on the news someone executes a lot of people and interviews with the neighbors say he was always nice and rather quiet just like the Aurora Colorado terrorist, They always say I never would have imagined he would do something like that, which is why people need to be leery of Obama who has not made good on his campaign promises and there are ulterior motives behind the healthcare plan, don't be captivated by his smile, charisma or intelligent manner of speaking. These policies are not his but the elitist corporations behind the scenes to further feed the drug industry and another program where money can be skimmed off the top.

    That's how politics functions, I just never expected Berner Garde or BMDCA to function in the same manner of a corrupt political system. I guess I was just naive but now I know and just felt it was my responsibility to humankind to make these things known to all.

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