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Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Health Questions' started by kellyh, Aug 15, 2008.

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    Hi, I am new to this forum. My "baby" Chloe, a Berner (who looks like a Swissie b/c she has a rare genetic abnormality - she is a Berner with AKC papers but she has short hair), seems to be slowing down. She was 5 this June. She was always very active and friendly (if not a little cautious with strangers). Between January and May of 2007, my poor baby had four surgeries to deal with two ruptured ACLs - we opted for the TPLO surgery. She now has arthritis in both knees and bilateral hip displasia. Her companion died in November and we got a lab puppy soon after. They are great pals, and Chloe tries to keep up. But we have noticed that she's hurting a lot (our orthopedist told us to expect this and we give her medicine in cycles). She also sometimes growls at strangers, even if we invite them into the house (she is WELL trained with several rounds of competent professional training and constant maintainence). I am really sad and wondering if this is normal.
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    Hi and Welcome to BernerTalk! Chloe is a beautiful girl! First, by no means am I a vet. But maybe she is in pain and it is making her grouchy. I would ask your Vet if her medicine may need to be changed, or even changing the dosage, and see if that helps. But I am thinking if she never growled at anyone before, there has to be a reason why she is doing it now. Maybe she isnt slowing down as much as you think. Maybe she just seems slower compared to a new pup. Or maybe the pup is wearing her out. Riley had/has aseptic meningitis, and has lots of joint problems. He has been taking Omega 3 fish oil pills for almost 2 years now. For him the results were almost immediate. Ask your vet first though, I dont think there are any other drugs that you shouldn't take with the fish oil, but just in case.... Riley takes 2000 mg a day. You can get the generic kind at any Walgreens, or CVS, and they are really cheap. Anyway, I wouldnt be too worried about her, but take her in to see your Vet, it wont hurt anything and it will make you feel better:)

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    Thank you so much!
    Chloe has been on Cosequin since her surgeries, as per her orthopedist. Her regular vet had her on Rimadyl, which seemed ineffective. I think you're right - I am going to speak to her orthopedist again and see if we can put her back on Previcox, which really seemed to help her. If we don't keep her on it long term - if we give her periods of rest from the medication - her liver won't be at risk. I will also ask about the Omega 3 oil. I had a dog with skin allergies and the Omega 3 seemed to help him.

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