Bath time challenges

Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Grooming Forum' started by Maddie, May 20, 2008.

  1. Maddie

    Maddie New Member

    One of the biggest tasks is bathing a big dog.

    I saw a great doggy shower on HGTV last year that would be perfect for a Berner.

    It was stainless steel, with a door and a hand held shower head.

    No breaking your back trying to help the dog into the family bath tub and the hand held shower head makes it easy to direct the water.

    I have no idea what the price was, though.
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  2. Sage

    Sage New Member

    Does this set up have a hair dryer attached as well? There's nothing as messy as dog water all over the bathroom!
  3. liowkc

    liowkc New Member

    I think the secret is to start bathing your puppy early in a manner that is similar to what you will be doing when they grow bigger. Dogs would not like water pour on them, so the way to distract them is to shower (no pun intended) them with love and attention.
  4. Sage

    Sage New Member

    The biggest problem is all that splashing and lifting!

    I would love to avoid some of that with a unit specifically for dog bathing.
  5. maryelser

    maryelser New Member

    The good news is bernese dogs don't need frequent bathing, in fact it's recommend to only bathe them every 3 or 4 weeks or when needed to keep the coat. Too much bathing can dry out their skin and coats.
  6. R1986

    R1986 New Member

    Luckily I have access to a vet clinic with a dog grooming center (bathtub/shower set-up). From prior experience I would definitely second the idea that giving them lots of love while being bathed is the best way to distract them from having to be bathed. Some dogs even end up liking baths so who knows?
  7. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    Once or twice a year we do it ourselves. But we usually just go to the groomers. Have anyone ever heard of a furminator? It is a miracle worker on the Bernese fur! Comes it our like nothing else, and believe me we have ever comb, brush, pick, and rake that is out on the market.
  8. R1986

    R1986 New Member

    I'd like to try that out if it works so well. Groomers are a good idea if you have the money to spare because they really are the best at treating your dog well and getting them properly clean.
  9. cassie

    cassie New Member

    I usually take a trip to our local pet store. They have nice setups and you bathe your own dog for about $5 a dog. All towels, shampoo's and conditioners are supplied. The dog walks up a ramp into the tub and you get to stand up straight to bathe them.
  10. tina

    tina New Member

    We always bathe our dogs outside, with the hose (unless it's too cold- then we bring them inside into our guest bathroom :) ). It's easy for us because or dog has short hair (she's not a berner), but I suppose it would be a lot harder for long-haired dogs.
  11. fightscam

    fightscam New Member

    I agree with you. The splashing really annoys me :) If only there was a way to make them busy while we bathe them
  12. maryelser

    maryelser New Member

    If you gave your bernese dog a bath in your tub, would it leave behind tons of hair? If it does, would a bath outside, like in a plastic kiddie pool be better?
  13. bernermom

    bernermom Administrator Staff Member

    The bathtub is great when they are little ( maybe the first 9 months ) but the hair is crazy! :eek: I would
    recommend the bathtub only in an emergency. The kiddie pool outside is much better idea, except in the winter of course.
  14. bernerdude

    bernerdude New Member

    Yeah, same here - outside hose always. Bathtub??? That's a good one!

    Our Berner isn't a big fan of water (do most of you find this to be the case? :confused:), unlike his big "brother" (a flat coat retreiver) who loves it.

    We're anxious to take him to Tahoe this winter to see if a love of frozen water (i.e., snow) is in his Swiss DNA.
  15. aey1604

    aey1604 New Member

    Have just bought a furminator and it is fantastic!! Wish I'd bought one of these years ago, can't believe how much fur it gets out. An added bonus is my dog doesn't seem to mind it too much and he normally hates getting groomed. Thanks for the recommendation.
  16. hwhite84

    hwhite84 New Member

    They are awesome but just be very careful and follow the instructions... repeated brushing in the same areas can actually cut the dogs skin, and cut the hairs (it's almost razor sharp) and end up destroying the coat.... I opted not to get one, found something similar but not as sharp... I'm sure I'll learn my lesson later :p
  17. joinersue

    joinersue New Member

    We were lucky when my berner was a pup to have a walk-in shower. When I thought he needed bathing, I would finish my own shower, turn down the water temp, then call him into the stall. He loved it! He is like many Berners in that he is very social & always hangs out in the bathroom anyway. He is always happy to join in. I always add lots of praise as well during the process, as he is always eager to please. :) In the warmer months, we bathe him on our deck.
  18. mabelfoss

    mabelfoss New Member

    bath time

    our berner goes in the shower too. she is so patient , we just call her and she walks right in. only problem we have is trying to get her nails cut......any suggestions
  19. stitch413

    stitch413 New Member

    hey there, 'Darby' didn't like getting his nails clipped either and i found the more he moved the harder it was!

    I changed my clippers from one that cuts like a scissors to one that cuts like a cigar cutter thingy or a guillotine type. this made it safer to cut.

    I also found that if i lay him down on his side and lift the paw closest to the ground he stays still longer.

    or you could always file/grind down the nails or walk him on concrete ;)

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