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Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Training Forum' started by barrie, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. barrie

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    I am at my wits end. Manna my Bernese is so bad. I almost cannot handle her. She is always jumping on everyone and very hyper. She just started peeing on the floor tonight twice after she had been out for an hour and in the house for about 5 minutes. She is always nipping when she jumps. It hurts and my grand kids are afraid of her. Any advice?
  2. barrie

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    By the way she was a year in July so she knows better
  3. WonderBread

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    My 12 month old Berner goes for a daily hike but still occasionally will get crazy in the evening. Also, at our house we keep short 6 - 8 inch leashes by every door so the dog can be leashed quickly if someone comes over. This keeps her right by my side and helps her not to get overly excited when people come over. She is usually only on the leash for about 5 - 10 minutes then I can let her off and she is fine. As for the peeing, is she doing it when she is in a really excited state? Otherwise a trip to the vet might be in order.
  4. jo-anna

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    Yes our Bella only had an accident inside when she actually had a bladder infection so if it continues I would get her checked out.
  5. nikicole24

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    My Trooper is 9 months and he does all those things even after a long run etc. I have been told they go through a terrible twos phase that can last a while. Just be strict "NO" but you have to be constant with it.
  6. k1cart

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    Our Berner is 14 months old and while he doesn't jump on people when they enter our house he rushes to the door and barks at them. We have been working with an excellent trainter who uses positivie reinforcement methods to curb this behavior. We are learing a "Go to Place" command. In our case we are teaching him "Go to your bed". The goal is that he will be able to go lay down on his bed and relax quietly while people enter our house and stay there until he is released.

    We are making great progress and people much more enjoy entering our house without him making such a scene.

    If you google the "go to place" command there are some great videos on YouTube.

    As for the peeing in the house, if she keeps it up I would take a trip to the vet. Our dog had a bladder infection that caused him to urinate in the house quite a bit.

    Good luck. =)
  7. k1cart

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    Also, if there is one in your area and you can affod it, Dog Daycare is a great way to tire them out.
  8. Sonya

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    Hi they only get away with what they know they can ! Trust me put your BM in training as we have and in 2 visit we already see a difference.
    I forget who mentioned uti but we r also going thru that and it has gotton better but still has it.
    R vet sent the urine out for intensive testing to see exactely what strain of bacteria and to make sure no stones.
    She had a xray but saw no stones ,they dont always pick up all of them .
    but urine they tested when sent away showed she had none.
    Puppys sometimes just have to change diet for a bit and meds.
  9. Sonya

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    Barrie dont give up on her! My BM is 22 weeks and she was totally trained at 11 weeks and has never had a accident in house! It has to be consistant training on that:)
  10. Qubelight

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    There was an episode on It's me or the Dog with two large old english sheepdogs that went psychotic everywhere, in the car, when people come over, etc. There wasn't peeing in the house but that could be from excitement or an illness so a vet check is a good idea :)

    Either way, these dogs were first desensitised to the door, and were taught to stay in one spot when the door was opened. They were also attached to anchor points in the lounge room so if they get too excited they were 'leashed' to the anchor points until they calm down. I took this as very similar to the 'to your place' command but with confined leashing to start them off.

    Bree gets very excited when people come over, and whilst I find it hilarious when she body slams the door and scares salespeople, when it is family thats a different thing!!! She does calm down eventually and I either tell her to go to her mat, or keep her with me until she calms down. It used to take 15mins to calm down, now its down to about 5. She is now 9 months old. Good luck and please don't give up! They can learn some are just more stubborn than others!
  11. barrie

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    I would do anything to have my nana her mis behaving. She passed 12/18. We are heartbroken. I have handled human death better than the loss of my nana tears

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