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Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Pictures Forum' started by Awoken, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Awoken

    Awoken New Member

    Meet Axel....

    Had him for 17 weeks now. He is almost 21 weeks and 65 lbs. His dad was 120 at a year, mom was 85.

    He is the most well mannered affectionate puppy EVER!!!


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  2. frisssel

    frisssel Member

    love the sleeping shot. storm sleeps like this all the time.

    adorable, I want another one every time i see a puppy picture:D
  3. Awoken

    Awoken New Member

    Potato Chips


    I know now why they are like potato chips.....can't have just one eh?
  4. BernerRescue

    BernerRescue New Member

    So did you get him at 4 weeks of age then?
  5. Awoken

    Awoken New Member

    whops bad math.....

    Nooo goodness no...8 weeks on the nose he became mine. Not sure HOW I came to that math. Had him for 13 (almost 14 ) weeks now
  6. Bauer

    Bauer New Member

    Noticed your from Halifax, Im from Bridgewater. Nice to see another person on the forums around here.
  7. lynn2

    lynn2 New Member

    Just got my second last week! THEY ARE LIKE POTATOE CHIPS:p

    Your baby is lovely:)
  8. JBeaner

    JBeaner New Member

    Oh, he is so adorable! I love the "Tina Turner hair" stage....I miss that! Truman is my husband's and my first berner and we are so in love. Berner's have such a gentle spirit and a clown-like personality....and not to mention they think they are lap dogs! ;)
  9. noritje

    noritje New Member

    Axel so cuteeeee! And yeah ditto on that lapdog remarks!
  10. faithshen

    faithshen Banned

    Axel is one of the cutest and handsome dogs, I love his eyes and his coat combinations..:))
  11. faithshen

    faithshen Banned

    Axel, you look great on your photos! He looks comfy on your home, he's so blessed to have your right!

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