Aggression? out of the blue

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lefteris, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. Lefteris

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    Hello ,

    We see that our puppy (now 3 months old) sometimes suddenly is behaving aggressively.
    What i mean, we might walk with him and suddenly might start pulling the leash, trying to escape, jumping like crazy , barking, biting the leash and generally is out of control.
    I can't really find up to now what might triggering that , but i have seen most of the times he is "excited" as a man.
    This is happening more and more often, was for instance once every 3-4 days, but now i see that in daily basis around 1-2 times.
    I have managed to control him (for now at least) by asking him to sit , lay down and wait for a minute , but i am bit worried about this behavior, especially when he will be a big dog.

    Other than that is extremely sweet and likes to spend time with us, OK he is biting our legs but i think this is clear puppy behavior...

    Anyone had similar experience? Or any advice?

  2. frisssel

    frisssel Member

    puppy classes or trainer would be good
  3. Willow In UT

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    That's not aggression! Not at all. That is fear!!! Our Willow was so incredibly timid and fearful that she did the same in response to a leash touching her backside, or especially if her collar was grabbed and any pressure applied to move her. She would FLIP out, and would bite to DEFEND herself. I have a couple bloody pics of my hand to prove it when she was about 5 months old, out ice fishing, and she was wandering - I tried to grab her collar to get a leash on her, and she came unglued with FEAR. Not at all aggressive, except to defend her own life.

    Now at 2 years old, she has outgrown it for the most part, but she is still fear-filled if her collar is grabbed by hand and pulled. Does great on a leash now.

    You just have to be gentle and understand how some in this timid breed react. Slowly introduce them to collar pressure/pulls with gentle sweet talk and treats. Show them, gently, that its not something that is going to hurt them. With our 4 week old puppies we're raising right now, I make sure to pull and tug just a little bit on their collars so they get used to it as "play", and won't fear it so much as they grow (hopefully).

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