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  1. gloria66

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    My five month old puppy, Dylan, is a sweet and loving dog. He's very well behaved and listens when we're inside the house. He's even walking better on leash. However, when I take him out in the yard to play (tossing his favorite outdoor toy) and generally letting him run around, he becomes very aggressive. He barks at me, growls, and nips at my ankles. Doing some obedience work seems to snap him out of this aggressive mind set for a little while and then the behavior starts again. Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated.
  2. Lynn

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    I don't think you will find this is aggressivness it is him instigating play.

    When he gets ott like this do as you are doing start the obedience work and divert his mind on to something else, he is getting a little over excited and just needs a short diversion.

    He will outgrow it.
  3. gypsyberner

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    my boy did this same exact behavior and throwing him into training mode works great/ or a spray bottle works good as well. if he doesn't have is leash on and you need a quick bite deterrent. spray him in the butt. he just wants to play, he will learn whats wanted with time. he is still a baby and learning. be consistent! good luck

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