A Question about food - 6 month old pup.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Daniel, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Daniel

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    So at around 4 months, I had to change my boys diet due to him not liking a food previously bout which was Nutro-grain I believe. He would not eat it unless extremely hungry. So I switched him to Science Diet Large Breed Puppy, which he absolutely loved.

    However, his stools are incredibly soft, and he goes quite often. Granted I understand he eats a lot and is still a puppy so that doesn't bother me, but I don't believe his stools should be so soft.

    Is this indicative of his sensitive stomache? I've also been reading that around 6 months most of the owners on this site have been switching to adult food for this very reason.

    I'm just curious if I should start shopping online for non-major chained dry food.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated! This if my first Bernese and I would like him to stay as comfortable as possible.
  2. summersnowbr

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    I would not switch to adult food until you have either fixed him or he has matured. Have you had a stool sample done on you pup? At six months his stool should be hard. Science Diet lamb and rice is a good dog food for sensitive stomach dogs. Normally by one year the food issues subside.
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  3. Daniel

    Daniel New Member

    Thank you for the reply, I will try that out and see if it changes.
    His current Science Diet is Chicken Meal & Oats. Hopefully i'll see positive changes.

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