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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gianna, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. Gianna

    Gianna New Member

    I'm new to this site but as a first time berner owner I have already found lots of useful information and tips from experienced dog owners.
    I have a puppy - Hamish who is nearly 6 months old, we are currently feeding him James Wellbeloved kibble along and occasionally raw meat.
    We are finding it difficult to decide on whether to move him onto a raw food diet.
    Our trainer has suggested the raw food diet asap, whereas the breeder from where our puppy came from has suggested Orijen - she has moved her dogs onto this recently and has rated it highly over other dry food brands and raw diets.
    Can anyone recommend Orijen?
    I would appreciate any advise on the subject...

    Thank you

  2. Danielle

    Danielle New Member

    My dog is eating Acana (made by the same company as Orijen).

    Orijen has been rated the number 1 dog food for the past 4 years. They use all Canadian sourced, human grade ingredients and have very high standards in terms of cleanliness and sanitation in their facilities.

    I tried Hallie on Orijen as a puppy but the protein levels were too high for her stomach and so we switched to the Acana.

    Raw food diets are wonderful but do require lots of preparation and maintenance in terms of supplements. You also have to be careful not to mix raw and cooked foods as they are digested differently and mixing them could be harmful to your dogs stomach and intestines.
  3. hlm

    hlm New Member

    Hi there,
    The food thing is hard and we too have gone back and forth quite a few times on the subject. Ultimately we ended up also on Acana at around 6 months old (Duck and Bartlett Pear which we chose because of several bouts with Giardia and it was recommended as a "limited ingredient" option by the company). Made by the same company that makes Orijen, which was our first choice after doing months worth of research. Unfortunately Orijen's protein levels were to rich for our pup as well. I actually emailed the company to get a recommendation for one of their Acana recipes that would have the appropriate nutrition for a large breed growing puppy (their needs are different, calc/phos ratios, protein levels etc.) and they emailed me back with 3 choices. The other 2 were "Wild Prairie" and "Pacifica".
    Certainly those who recommend raw diets are quite ardent about their choice and I don't knock the raw diet at all. I do however believe if you are going to go down that road, you need to do your homework as well as consult with your vet and perhaps even a nutritionist to make sure your pup is getting everything they need for growth and over all health. Not to mention raw food handling at home must be done thoughtfully to ensure safety as well. If you are up for the task and it will fit into your lifestyle then I say great! There are also some pre-prepared raw foods on the market that I've heard good things about, and those take a bit of the guess work out as far as nutrition and safe handling are concerned for those who want a raw diet but don't necessarily have the time or resources to devote to it.
    We continue to keep an open mind on all of it, though I feel very good about Acana, a great company as Danielle said and our pup loves it and has really thrived on it. He is almost 15 months now and has developed beautifully, and is doing great on it. We also love to take trips with our boy and the raw diet would become an issue in those cases.
    I hope some of that is helpful for you, and I hope some other's will add their experiences on the food front.
    Best wishes!!!!
  4. Gianna

    Gianna New Member

    Thank you!

    Thank you for these very informative replies. From what you've both said about Orijen and the high protein levels-it confirms what I had been concerned about. Although we are living in Germany at the moment and I did read on another thread that the recipe may differ in Europe for the better but that's something I can check.
    I'm pleased to hear about the other brand that you both recommend, I will definitely consider this.
    I think Hamish would enjoy eating raw food more but I would worry that he wouldn't be getting the correct amount of important nutrients, and we do travel quite a lot with him.
    At the moment I've been mixing a little yoghurt in with his kibble which he truly loves! And I feed him raw chicken wings, some raw fruits & veg and fresh bones as treats. My breeder has said all these foods are fine but I'm still researching to check it's all okay for his digestive system, to add the raw foods as treats?

    Thank you again for the advice!
  5. Danielle

    Danielle New Member

    There are balanced raw food diets that are commercially available. For traveling there are also freeze dried options from many companies that can be used. I would advice against using freeze dried long term though as dehydration becomes a concern.

    Another thing to be aware of is that microwaving raw foods even just for a few seconds to defrost them is a big no-no. Bone structure and nutrients change in the heating and cooking process and can become dangerous and nutritionally deficient for your dog.

    Always leave at least 2 hours in between feeding raw and cooked foods. This applies to meals, treats and cookies as well as bones.

    My dog eats Acana along with some other homemade additions for her meals and during the day she gets raw bones and other raw snack such as turkey necks.
  6. Gianna

    Gianna New Member

    Hi Danielle,

    I think I'm going to try Acana, what age is Hallie and how long has she been on this diet?

    It obviously works well for you!

    Thank you
  7. Danielle

    Danielle New Member

    Hallie is 2 years old and is 105 lbs. She eats 5 cups a day on average but I free feed her so it really depends on how she's feeling. She gets lots of exercise and is very active so she eats more than the bag recommends.

    Hallie started off eating TLC but after an ingredient change last summer, she became allergic to the food. They added green lipped muscle (a natural source of glucosamine) at the same time that Hallie began scratching so I believe thats what she's allergic too.

    She's been eating Acana since last July. Because she has a very sensitive stomach I mixed the foods for 2 weeks before completely switching over. Acana has a line of grain free foods called the "Regionals" and the others are single sourced grain. We started off on Chicken and Burbank Potato, then switch to Lamb and Apple.

    After 3 bags of the Lamb and Apple I switched her to Acana Regionals. Her two favourites are the Grasslands (Lamb) and Pacifica (Fish). I like to rotate the flavours so that she doesn't get tired of her food. I also add in a variety of veggies, canned pumpkin, salmon oil, and Hallies favourite is blueberries.

    Our vet loves her and says she's in perfect health :)
  8. Gianna

    Gianna New Member

    Hallie sounds in great health, and with nice amounts of energy.

    I've tried lots of fruits and vegetables (but not yet pumkin) with Hamish and I actually discovered yesterday that he also really loves blueberries!

    We'll try him with Acana this weekend and hopefully he will like it

    Thank you

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