5 month puppy panting like crazy, restless

Discussion in 'Bernese Mountain Dog Health Questions' started by Julesandherb, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. Julesandherb

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    Hi all,

    I'm sure this (or something similar) has probably been covered before, but what can I say - I'm the typical stressed Berner mum!

    My 5 month old pup Herbie seems to have these weird "episodes" every few nights where he'll pant like crazy (even though the air con is very cold and we have cool tiles). He also gets quite restless, moving between rooms and changing positions a lot... he'll come up to you for affection and then bounce away just as quickly (all while panting furiously). He can get a little manic during these "episodes" - fervently chewing, growling or jumping up on the furniture.

    Because of his age I've been putting it down to teething but lately it seems more pronounced. I assumed a lot of the panting was a pain response but I'm also freaked out that it could be other problems (tonight I took him out for a short walk to burn off some energy and when we got back inside one of his eyes seemed very red around the iris and into the bottom lid?).

    I've checked for symptoms of bloat and I'm vigilant about limiting full on exercise 1hr before and after meals - no distended belly and he's fully up to date with worming / shots. Anyone have any ideas? :confused:
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    My pup pants like crazy a lot too. I've also checked the same issues you have - pain, discomfort, bloat. I've also started to notice that he pants when he has to go outside, which is frequently.

    One thing I have also considered, and maybe others can weigh in on this, is that our pup seems to pant a little more now that he is almost a year old and his hormones are racing. I'm not sure why that would be, but as soon as he started to sexually mature (he was a late bloomer having only started lifting his leg and humping at around 11 months), he began to pant slightly more. He will now jump on the couch and pant in our faces.

    It could also be that he just wants a lot of love!

    Just my thoughts -
  3. sysmgr2

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    Possible Reasons For Panting...

    I've been doing some research, as I've noticed that Madi also pants frequently, compared to my new dog, Oskar. She's always panted, been a bit excitable, yawns, and been a bit 'hyper'... She's been improving (gradually) over time. I found a link, which I'll attach, of a slideshow from an animal behaviorist. He lists those symptoms as indications of stress and anxiety.

    Here's the link:

    Bernese Lifestyle - Behavior Management

    To try and decrease her panting, I've started to praise/reward her when she's calm... Stroked her muzzle/head gently, stopping when she pants. Wait until she sits calmly, before greeting her, then rewarding that behavior. In short, any time I can reinforce her doing 'the right thing', I make a point of it.

    I've also taken to just sitting on the deck, with them lying near me... If I have to work, I put my laptop on my knees, and sit on the step... The occasional scratch behinds the ears, along with softly spoken words seems to make it pleasant for all of us...

    From my reading, I think that it's not enough to 'tire her out', although exercise is important. It's reinforcing the 'correct' behavior. I hope some of this helps... There are lots of reasons a berner pants, and it could be medical, too. I'm not professing any great wisdom on the subject. :) Regards.
  4. ering

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    I have a 13 week old puppy that pants a lot, even when she's sleeping. Last week I took her to the vet and he said she's perfectly healthy, that he thought it was anxiety. The next day she acted perfectly fine and now today she's panting again. She also has the restlessness and groaning. I'm going to trust the vet that she's ok.

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