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  1. Canadianbella85
    Puppy is 5.5 months old and is 62lbs of love
  2. alexandra Lefebvre
    alexandra Lefebvre
    week 13- Abby is now 28.3 pounds
  3. alexandra Lefebvre
    alexandra Lefebvre
    Hi everyone. I'm a new Berner mom. My Abby is 9 weeks today. She weighed 9 pounds at 7 weeks
  4. Melanie
    Very excited to be bringing home our Bernard in 2 weeks!
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  5. STACEE777
    STACEE777 steph+mitch
    Fromm large breed adult food is great and has a pretty darn good reputation as far as recalls go! These big guys really need to be switched to adult around 4-6 months of age to avoid too much protein that is usually found in the puppy food. :) I always recommend looking up your dog food choice on the website
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  6. steph+mitch
    Any suggestions on what brand of food to feed 4 1/2 month old berner? she was on now fresh and is have runny poop vet is suggesting purina
    1. Legacy Farms
      Legacy Farms
      Hi there! We have had success with Wellness Large Breed Puppy
      Dec 2, 2017
  7. steph+mitch
  8. LeonilKyle
  9. Cheryl
    Our Marley is now 6 months old, 68 lbs, and a great joy in our lives. He is named for Bob Marley.
  10. Shannontoo
  11. Shannontoo
  12. PleaseHelpMyPupReagan
  13. PleaseHelpMyPupReagan
    Please help my family by supporting Reagan's double hip replacement surgery! I love you fellow Berners!
  14. My Bernese Babies
    My Bernese Babies
    We received Jett at 16 weeks of age, & 26 lbs. He is now 7 months old, and only 37lbs . I know they grow slow & uneven. Suggestions?
  15. My Bernese Babies
    My Bernese Babies
    Jett does have Pano & is being treated with rymidal. He eats 2x's a day, but has 5-6 bowl movements per day.
  16. My Bernese Babies
    My Bernese Babies
    I have a question, Jett, our 7 month old pup on the left, feels very "bony" and not as muscular as his older 1/2 brother.
  17. moondoggie
    moondoggie milos mom
    Awh such a cutie! Sounds like exactly how im handling my puppys overexcitement. Mine is stubborn so there is alot of training constantly. We will all hang in with each other as we protect these babies into their adulthood. Good talking with my newfriends on this site it makes you feel supported.
  18. moondoggie
    moondoggie hlm
    Awh !your puppy is so cute
  19. moondoggie
    Hi everyone I have been following this site since i became a new Berner Mom. My pup is. Ruger 10 month old
  20. Cleo2
    Cleo2 bernermom

    I tried to log in today with my old account "Cleo" and it appears my account was deleted. Did I do something wrong? Was my account compromised?

    Please let me know.

    1. bernermom
      Oh NO.. I am really sorry. We had a huge issue with spammers a few weeks ago and my husband had to update the security for the site. Several real members got wiped out in the update. Your account wasn't compromised, just deleted in error. We have tried to restore the accounts but have not been able to. Again, I am really sorry. But by no means is it anything at all that you did wrong.
      Nov 9, 2016